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sábado, 23 de enero de 2010

Entrevista de trabajo - Finding the right answer

Cuando realizas una entrevista de trabajo es muy importante saber tanto qué preguntar como qué responder a las preguntas que te hagan. Investiga sobre la empresa que te va a entrevistar y aprende sus valores y cultura.

En este post te damos una serie de consejos (en inglés) para que salves las dificultades y todo salga bien en tu próxima entrevista de trabajo.

Preparing for a job interview. With the jobless numbers in freefall now’s the time to brush up on interview skills.

Finding the right answer

When all else is equal, the person who wants the job most will get it. There’s no point in turning up for interview without preparation and practice. First impressions do matter: you have to dress in a manner that suits the role you’re being interviewed for. The rule of thumb is: wear a suit. If at all possible buy a new shirt and tie.Wear a dark suit with a white shirt and a matching tie. If you can’t afford to buy, then borrow!

Research the company: it’s important to know as much as you can about the company but also about their competitors. Don’t just rely on Google. Go out and speak to people, ask questions, read any articles available and be able to comment on this information and have your own opinions.

Ask intelligent questions: many people are unprepared for this and ask questions such as: ‘What are the holidays?’ and ‘Do you pay sick pay?’ At the first stages of interview, these are not the appropriate questions to be asking. This information will be given to you at offer stage. The questions you ask serve to show your knowledge and interest. At the end of the interview you should always express this by telling the interviewer that you are eager to take the position.

If possible, do a trial run to the place where the interview will take place and time the journey. If you’re not five minutes early for your interview, you are late.

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